Different uses of foam lines and Mouldings

Different uses of foam lines and Mouldings

2019-12-12 11:01
ps foaming line uses:
1, ps foaming lines in the decoration inside is to play the role of aesthetics, which is mounted on the wall or protruding lines, quota regulations, ps foaming line by line installation project amount to extend the center line in meters. In the graphics software, you can use the layout of the room, find the perimeter of the room from a long line, the line can also be used to customize the layout.
2, ps foaming line is in the decorative surface for aesthetics, and other decorative materials like different lines of the same set of decorative effect, to extend in meters, you can use a custom line calculation, taking the corresponding sub-quotas head can be.
Mouldings uses:
1, on the wall at different levels of the junction edge; docking on the wall at different materials, sealing, caulking dado,
2, a variety of finishes, doors and furniture surfaces and edges closed molding line.
3, the ceiling and the wall and the junction of the cylindrical edge.
4, ceiling molding line plane.



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