Fire problem when storing PVC line

Fire problem when storing PVC line

2019-12-12 11:00
Now PVC moldings are used mostly made of flammable materials, therefore, PVC moldings manufacturers in the store you need to pay attention to fire prevention, and fire prevention measures commonly used are the following points:
First, the storage areas to establish fire protection organization, improve fire safety rules and regulations, but also to keep within shocked to clean, combustible debris, sawdust, etc. should be promptly removed.
Second, the arrangement of the fire exits should ensure the introduction of flute group from two directions. Using water pipeline fire extinguishing measures lumberyard should be longitudinal and horizontal fire escape fire escape at the intersection along the shocked region disposed hydrant, fire hydrant at each radius to 100m is appropriate.
Third, the fire from the local neighborhood store and between not less than 20-30m, and should set up a permanent fence from the wall, the wall should be left lumberyard conditional line of fire. In addition to a channel inside and outside the firewall, there should be measures to improve the fire, adequate fire fighting equipment, adequate water.



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