Interpretation of PVC decorative lines use value

Interpretation of PVC decorative lines use value

2019-12-12 10:59
We usually use when most lines of decoration in addition to the number of PVC foam lines probably moldings, and it holds many lessons which is more and more sought after by consumers and recognition in the market, the reason for this phenomenon, which It is inextricably linked with PVC moldings possess superior value, followed by PVC moldings manufacturers Xiaobian simple tidy.
A stable insulation properties.
Second, stable temperature resistance: PS thermal deformation temperature is 70-80 ℃, brittle transition temperature of -30 ℃, PS severe degradation under high vacuum and at 330-380 ℃.
Third, anti-corrosion, durability: the general rigid foam insulation material aging after years of use is easy to produce, then led to performance degradation caused by water. The extruded plate has excellent corrosion due, aging resistance, thermal insulation, water vapor under high pressure, can still maintain its excellent performance, service life can reach 30 - 40 years.
It does not affect the fully closed-cell foam structure forming light, and uniform honeycomb structure resulting in high hard, difficult to damage, not only handling, installation, lightweight, easy to cut and used as roof insulation: Fourth, high hardness and affordability structure afford.



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