Reason PVC lines the surface of the bubble

Reason PVC lines the surface of the bubble

2019-12-12 10:59
Attentive friends will find some PVC moldings bubble surface will compare the influence of surface perception, these air stone how to generate it?
First, the paint should not force the elimination of bubbles, etc. After stirring the spray, doing so would make its surface or blistering, so do not do vigorous stirring, should be allowed to stand for 10-15 minutes before spraying to eliminate bubbles.
Second, the substrate process is not complete, this will need to be completely closed substrate, and may not have polished smooth groove joints or pinholes.
Third, the object plane containing high water, too much humidity, ambient temperature is too high, and once that happens, you can first surface is completely dry, avoid construction at higher temperature and humidity environments.
Fourth, the viscosity is too high, the solvent contains water, or due to compressed air with water or oil. In this case you can use a predetermined solvent, pro rata dilution, or use compressed air filter oil-water separator, and regular drainage.



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