pvc plaster moldings compared to the difference between the lines

pvc plaster moldings compared to the difference between the lines

2019-12-10 11:14
PVC moldings are very popular in today's world a new type of lightweight decorative materials. It is a Europe, Asia and Japan and South Korea popular products, popular abroad, now in the domestic large and medium cities have been widely recognized, the use of very broad. PVC moldings factory lines than the plaster, as we summed up the advantages of pvc five decorative lines:
1, gypsum line will produce fine fibers and dust, damage to the respiratory system, pvc decorative lines polymer materials and mold high temperature molding, produces no fine dust, fibers, etc., harmful to humans.
2, gypsum afraid of the water lines are susceptible to water, easy to crack. Rainy weather, wet too large in the case, there will be mildew, deformation and other issues. PS moldings are made of polymer materials, waterproof, corrosion, deformation, durable and effective.
3, the fragile plaster line, pvc moldings, high strength, good flexibility, the installation process is not easily damaged.
4, gypsum lines autologous too, logistics, installation, maintenance and so more difficult, costly. pvc moldings are very light, with only 1/6 of the volume of gypsum products, transportation, installation and has a very convenient, cost savings.
5, lines plaster molding process is more complex, and pvc moldings beautiful shape random process
PVC moldings manufacturers products are widely used in interior walls and ceiling decoration, plastic-like material in one of the most widely used decorative materials.



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