The difference between wood and PVC decorative lines lines

The difference between wood and PVC decorative lines lines

2019-12-10 11:14
PVC decorative lines in the decoration we usually contact with more of a class of decoration materials, it is now the market is constantly expanding. In reality, it consists of many consumers questioned, and whether it used before with wood line any different, PVC moldings factory experts here to answer.
1.PVC lines basically do not add wood fiber filler, after forming a surface made of wood effect by drawing embossing process, fatal flaw PVC substrate is easily degradable under ultraviolet light embrittlement (not suitable for outdoor use) and do not fire (not for indoor use), to solve these problems require complex material modification, the cost will rise significantly.
2. WPC lines are mainly PE, PP, PVC and other substrates of plastic raw materials to add appropriate proportions of flour (also can be bamboo powder, straw powder, bran powder) and calcium, as well as special additives, mixing, granulation, extrusion, grinding or the like embossing film after the process, made of green waterproof vinyl material.
3.PE, PP plastic substrate most of the use of recycled materials, because the material good fluidity, high amount of filler, not foaming, low cost. Size thermal cycling stability is poor, add special flame retardant to achieve the fire safety requirements. Currently mainly used outdoors.
4.PVC part using recycled materials, mainly to do some non-foamed product; To produce foamed products, the vast majority have to use new materials, PVC material illiquid limited amount of filler material costs compared high, such as the current "ecological wood" on the market in many indoor applications.



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