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Established in 2003,Yangzhou Tianxi High-Tech Materials Co.,Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of PVC ceiling panels, wall panels, bamboo wood fiber panels, SPC floorings and all related accessories. Located in YangZhou, JiangSu, the company covers around 330,000sq.ft, also has an convenient transportation access to SHANGHAI port.

TianXi has opened several stores in main cities around the country and formulated a global trading strategy in 2005. Exporting to North America, South America, Europe and Australia, the company offers customized solutions that help to create fashionable spaces, and cater to different market desires.

TianXi has 41 Twin-screw extrusion production lines that are all automatic and semi-automatic controlled. Advanced Technologies and environmental-friendly high polymer raw materials are imported and applied in TianXi to produce traditional PVC ceiling panels, co-extruded panels, embossed panels, pvc floorings and accessories. The company offers hundreds of sizes and patterns with annually capacity of more than 6billion square meter/meters currently. Equipped with professional R&D and QC department, TianXi products successfully achieved ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications and passed SGS tests. This ensures the company to able to serve customers with high quality and diverse products, also to improve delivering efficiency and service performance.

We are committed on quality, developing new, green and sustainable solutions, to build and contribute to a healthier environment. 

Feel free to contact us or visit us for more information. At TianXi we look forward to catering to your needs and establishing a prosperous relationship.


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Address:Hangji town, eastern outskirt of Yangzhou (Industry Park)
Zip Code:225111


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